Endowment Giving

2023-2024 Support Annual Giving

An investment in the endowment is an investment in the people and the future of Poly Prep.

Strengthening our endowment is the most significant action we can take to ensure our school can continue to provide for the educational excellence of our students and our faculty, while securing the financial future of Poly. 

How endowments work

  • Endowed gifts are held in perpetuity; the school invests the initial gift and spends only a portion of the average annual investment return
  • A portion of the income is reinvested to help the fund grow, ensuring that monies continue to be available far into the future

Poly’s endowment fund

  • Offers long-term financial flexibility and stability
  • Helps minimize the need for tuition increases
  • Provides professional development that nourishes the spirit of learning and, in turn, promotes teaching excellence for students’ benefit
  • Opens doors for new generations of the best and brightest students

A strong endowment is critical to Poly’s diversity because it 

  • Fuels a robust, need-based financial aid program
  • Enables the school to continue to enroll one of the most qualified and diverse student bodies of any independent school in NYC 

A strong endowment is critical to teaching excellence because it helps Poly

  • Attract and invest in a faculty of the highest professional qualifications
  • Power ongoing professional development, leading to inspired teaching

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